Meet The Semi-Finalists

The task of narrowing down all the entries to the competition to just 12 to play live before our panel of judges in February has been even more difficult than two years ago.  More  than one judge has remarked upon the fact that the overall standard of entries was even higher than for our first event.

Here are the stats:

12 semi-finalists

5 male; 7 female

2 violins;1 viola; 2 cellos;1 oboe; 2 saxophones; 3 pianos; 1 clarinet

4 British; 1 French; 2 South Korean; 1 Australian; 1 Chinese; 2 Italian; 1 Brazilian

Links to their individual details can be found under their pictures.

Yue Yu Sonya Pigot Lewis Banks Layla Köhler Michelle Candotti Camille Théveneau Richard Scholfield Lucio Brancati Indira Grier Miri Kim Callum McLachlan Yong-Jun Lee